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Corporate Storytelling Workshop - Oct 16-18, 2023 (CS2023-1016)

The Articulus Corporate Storytelling Workshop is an instructor-led 3-day workshop designed to help you create a compelling message that is clear to your audience and helps them to take action on your ideas. You will learn the Articulus Storyboarding Process™ that you can repeatedly use to be an outstanding, persuasive communicator. After the workshop, you will find that you can communicate more naturally and be more interesting to your audience.

This is beyond presentation training. Most people have had some form of presentation training in their past. This workshop deals with skills of Persuasion and Advocacy in the face of very complex solutions.

It focuses on the bigger picture and helps to engage the audience emotionally which gets the audience excited to buy into your idea.

You will learn the “ingredients of persuasion.” The 4 ingredients will be integrated into a well-defined process called the Articulus Storyboarding Process™.

1. Message Strategy – As an expert, you can talk for hours on a single topic. The audience does not have the time. How do you distill your idea down to the core essence? Corporate Storytellers are clear and concise.

2. Benefits – Every company in the world knows that benefits need to be part of persuasion. Few organizations communicate benefits well. How do you make the presentation about the audience, not you? Corporate Storytellers put the audience at the center.

3. Evidence – People make emotional decisions based on logical arguments. Evidence helps you persuade the audience with the information they need to make decisions. Corporate Storytellers manage both logical and emotional decisions.

4. Framing – Framing helps you manage audience perceptions. How does your audience perceive you today? How do you want them to perceive you? Frames make the intangible, tangible. The complex, simple. The confusing, clear. Corporate Storytellers are master framers.

You will apply the Articulus Storyboard to create a message and then present your message to your peers. So, you will walk out of the workshop having applied the skill of Corporate Storytelling and will also have developed a real message & presentation for a real event.

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PRICE includes:
- Training Materials
- Recording of your work + feedback
- Meals - breakfast, lunch, and refreshments

DATE: Oct 16-18.2023
TIME: 8:00AM – 5:00PM daily
DESCRIPTION: https://tinyurl.com/articulus-description

LOCATION: Minneapolis, MN

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